Using What You Have to Create Something New!

Thanksgiving was a blur--since I spent most of the weekend sick in bed and although I'm not back to 100%, I am getting better and in a few more days, I should be back to better health. Thank you to all the kind comments I received and emails--they were very much appreciated.

Yesterday, my Mom hosted a large dinner party at our home and we had spent the day getting ready for it--cleaning, decorating, baking and cooking. I love getting the house ready for the holidays, putting up the Christmas decorations and making our home look and feel all cozy. This year is the earliest we've ever put up our decorations and we have everything up, except for our tree, which we will go get next week.

As we were re-arranging things in our home (you know how it is, moving regular items that sometimes get put away, to make more room for the holiday decorations), we were almost finished putting up the holiday decorations and found we still needed to find places for a few things.

One of them was a white pitcher that had to be moved and we didn't know where to put it. We jokingly put it on our table in the breakfast nook, since we had taken down the autumn centerpiece and then I looked around to see what we could put in it. I had a bag full of large candy canes sticks that were just purchased as ingredients for a few of the holiday desserts and I was still looking for a place to store them.

Then an idea hit!

Why not arrange them in the pitcher/vase for a festive holiday look? My mom happen to have some holiday ribbon that she fashioned into this fabulous bow and voila!

A fun, festive, holiday centerpiece! I love taking everyday items and creating a new look--and we got many complements that evening for something that was made from items we already had.

Candy Cane Centerpiece:

Vase or pitcher (medium size)
Holiday Ribbon
Candy Cane Sticks (large)

What are some of your favorite holiday decoration ideas?