Passing Along Two Blog Awards

The craziness of the holidays are coming to an end and now that I can begin to catch up on so many other aspects of my life outside of work, I need to take a few minutes and thank two fabulous bloggers for awards that they passed on to me.

Early in December, I received two very nice awards and before the month ends, I would like to first thank each one and also pass it on to other great bloggers.

Kate at Serendipty presented me with this award and I'm very thankful and honored that she thought of me. I've enjoyed ready her fabulous blog and learning more about her and the wonderful country of Belgium, where she currently resides.

This award came with some fun instructions:

1) Post the award on your blog. Present this award to seven others whose blogs you find brilliant in content and/or design, or those who have encouraged you.

2) Tell those seven people they've been awarded HONEST SCRAP, inform them of these guidelines, and ask that they link back to you.

3) Share TEN HONEST THINGS about yourself.

I always seem to have a hard time coming up with these types of lists about myself--it's always much more interesting to read other people's lists. So I will just try to list them without over thinking it.

Jill's Ten Honest Things:

1) As an adult, the longest I've lived anywhere is 4 1/2 years. By around 3 years, I start to feel antsy for change. (Since I left home for college, I've lived in Idaho, Utah, Connecticut, New York, Vermont, Hawaii, Washington, California and now back to Oregon--where I've been for three years this month...hmmmm, is it time for another change?)

2) I am a SUMMER person. I love the hot, sunny, warm weather and despise the cold, icy, rainy, snowy winter weather. The minute it officially becomes winter, I begin a countdown of the days till spring (it's 79 days).

3) I would consider myself an animal person, but I do not like animals (cats, dogs, etc.) in the house. I believe they belong outside. (I'm not a fan of animal smells or hair or other things that come from an animal being in the house or on my clothes or furniture).

4) I crave ORGANIZATION. New Year's Resolutions, to-do lists, organized drawers, new planner pages, clean car, clean house, things organized in binders--all of it, bring it on!

5) I love BOOKS, especially cookbooks. I once heard a chef in culinary school say that if you have at least one great recipe in a cookbook, then it is a book worth owning. This has been my motto ever since and I never feel guilty when purchasing yet another cookbook.

6) Let's see, since this is a food blog and all, my favorite food is any type of Hawaiian or Asian Cuisine. Give me a good plate lunch and I'm very content.

7) Card games or board games bring out the COMPETITIVE side in me and I will hang my winning score sheet on my refrigerator for all to see. :)

8) I secretly dream of living in France, finding and trying out all the best Patisseries and traveling around Europe for a few years (not so much a secret now that I've posted it here.)

9) I've never had a cavity. I've never worn glasses or contacts. I've never had major surgery or stayed overnight in the hospital. I did break my wrist in the 5th grade from roller-skating when I should have been doing chores (I refer to that as my dis-obedient accident).

10) As much as I LOVE TO PLAN, I hate the question, "Where do you see yourself in five years?" For some reason when I'm asked this, it completely stumps me and I can't think of a single thing to say.

WHEW. I made it!

I'm passing on the HONEST SCRAP award to:

Threads Talk (Thanks for always encouraging me and understanding what it's like to own a small business)
Feasting on Art (I learn something new every time I visit this blog)
Barbara Bakes (So many great recipes and ideas are found here)
Marcellina in Cucina (I recently discovered and am a fan of this great blog)
Delicious Dishings (I always feel inspired after reading her posts)
The Ungourmet (Another newly discovered blog that I enjoy reading)
Chocolate Chip Trips (A blog that I've followed and always print out her recipes)

The second award I received this month was from Msmeanie at Chocolate Chip Trips. Her blog is a great read with wonderful recipes and awesome pictures of her food. She too, is a fellow Daring Baker and I really appreciated her thoughtfulness in passing this OVER THE TOP award to me.

I'm in turn, passing this OVER THE TOP award to another two blogs that are AMAZING and truly over the top:

Julia at Melanger to Mix (Very inspiring blog to read and her photography is just BEAUTIFUL)
Mandy at What the Fruitcake?! (Each post has wonderful photos of her food creations and is enjoyable to read)

Thank you again to both Kate & Msmeanie for these awards. They really made both my day and month!