Time for Wedding Cheesecakes

Recently I've had several people tell me how great they think it is that I'm doing what I love. And I have to agree completely with them.

Today I had two wedding orders to fill. The first client ordered 240 mini cupcakes and yes, I baked them all this morning and decorated them and they were ready for pick-up by 10 am. I love working on pure adrenaline and being all alone in the kitchen, glancing out the window and finally seeing the sun come up. The clock is my friend--I watch it closely, seeing how fast I can get each part of the process done, making small goals along the way, 15 minutes for mixing and preparing the cupcakes, 20 minutes to bake, 2 minutes to transfer the baked cupcakes to a cooling rack--all the while working on the next batch, making the frosting and repeating each step several times. Working like this, is like clock-work (pardon the pun) when everything goes smoothly and today it did.

The client picked up the cupcakes for her niece's wedding and was thrilled with them and was so excited to bring them back to the bride and family for the reception. This is the best part of the entire process, seeing the reaction of the finished product and knowing that one of my desserts will play a part in someones special celebration.

The next part of the day, I was focused once again on the clock. I had seven cheesecakes to frost with fresh whipped cream, piping details on the sides of the cakes, and decorate with chocolate curls and fresh raspberries. The first cake takes the longest, as I had to decide how I would decorate it and how much cream was needed. The next cake took less time and the third cake even less time and once again with each cake, I improved my completion time, only competing against myself. Finally, all seven are decorated and carefully boxed up and ready for delivery. An hour later, I've loaded up my "Jillicious Rig", and I'm on my way to the reception hall.

The drive was smooth and I found the location easily. I carefully unload the cheesecakes and set up the three wedding cheesecakes on the clients tiered stand, take a few pictures and then my job is done and I head back home. Now I look at the clock and notice that I've been working for over 13 hours and that my energy is almost gone and it feels good to being sitting down.

It has been a great day. I love what I do.

Wedding Cheesecake Details:
  • (1) 6-inch
  • (1) 8-inch
  • (5) 10-inch

Each cheesecake was a White Chocolate Cheesecake with sweetened whipped cream, fresh raspberries and dark chocolate curls.