A Nice Surprise!

I'm still fairly young in the blogging world but I follow many AWESOME blogs that are full of helpful information, great writing and beautiful pictures.

One of my favorite bloggers is Lisa at Parsley, Sage, Desserts and Line Drives and I was happily surprised and excited to receive this award from her:

Lisa's blog is the perfect combination of good humor, wit, sass, charm and some outstanding recipes and mouth-watering food photographs. I'm delighted and thrilled that I am in the food blog world with her. Thank you Lisa!

So, now it's time to pass this award on to 13 others and they in turn are to pass it along to their 13 favorite blogs.

Anna at Kitchenlander
Laura at Tiramisu'
Kris at Bake in Paris
Kelly at Sass & Veracity
Y at Lemonpi
Brie at Rite of Cake
Jenny at Raising Our Kids in America
Chou at Balance
Jacque at Daisy Lane Cakes
Bakergirl Creations
Amy at Playing House
msmflo at Tete A Tete: Cuisine
Em (Marlena) at The Repressed Pastry Chef