Surprise Birthday Gift Cake (And Yes, A Little More Purple...)

I LOVE creating cakes that will be a BIG surprise for the recipient.

Yesterday I made this cake for a client, who lives out-of-state and she wanted to surprise her twin daughters, one of whom I'm friends with and she lives in this area (her sister was in town visiting).  She told me what kind of cake she wanted and that she wanted it to have a fondant bow on it.  The rest she left up to me to decide how to decorate it. 

Since it was a White-Lemon Sunshine Cake, I thought that the purple would be a great contrasting color to the yellow.  And since we know from this post, that purple is the trend for fancy cakes, it just seemed like the right choice to make.  I really wanted this cake to have some elegant and special details for the decorations, so fondant flowers was the perfect way to decorate this surprise gift cake.

I was really happy with the end result! I also realized that I may need to do more cakes with fondant flowers, because they add a touch of elegance and I really enjoy making them--it's so relaxing (let me clarify, relaxing when you've planned ahead, not so much when you have hundreds to make the night before an event), but in this case, it really was relaxing to sit and be creative for a little while. 

It was so exciting to deliver this cake and see the looks of surprise and joy on both of their faces when I explained that this was a gift from their mother.  It was a good GREAT day.

Happy (early) Birthday Jakobi & Korbi!!

Surprise Gift Cake Details:
  • White-Lemon Sunshine Cake w/Lemon Filling & Lemon-Vanilla Buttercream Icing
  • 6-inch square
  • Dark purple fondant bow & ribbon w/three shades of yellow fondant flowers