A Quick Recap of Chocolate Fantasy 2010

I'm tired. No wait, I'm EXHAUSTED.

After a couple of intense days of baking and decorating about 375 mini chocolate cream pies, plus a regular size pie and on top of that my regular orders for clients, I happy to say that this big weekend event called Chocolate Fantasy is now behind me. It was another great year and as usual, my samples were one of the first to run out, in fact by 7:00 pm they were all gone! Keep in mind this event started at 6:00 pm, so from what I could tell people really loved them.

Here are few picture of the Jillicious Desserts table all set up with the mini dessert samples and please ignore the terrible lighting--I didn't have ideal conditions to work with.

The Mini Chocolate Cream Pies could have been called bite-sized.  There are 75 mini chocolate cream pies on that round large platter, to give you a better perspective of how cute and tiny they were.

I think my favorite was the 9-inch Jillicious Chocolate Cream Pie that I made for a display and a very lucky gentleman purchased it as a surprise for his wife. I hope they enjoyed it.

Now what to make for next year....hmmm...I'm glad I don't need to worry about that for a few months.