Monday Must Have: The Scoop

In honor of Labor Day, the Monday Must Have is a great kitchen gadget to make your "baking labors" a little easier (and yes, my lame pun was intended). This tool is one that I use often when I make cookies, cupcakes (both mini & regular size), muffins and mini cheesecakes. It is so handy with any of these types of batter or doughs.

Although, there are many sizes available, I have three different scoop sizes that I have found to be handy, but I often look at the other sizes at restaurant or kitchen supply stores and I may be adding to my kitchen gadget collection very soon.

*Side note: Don't you love perusing kitchen stores and seeing all the shiny gadgets? I swear they call me by name sometimes and I just have to purchase one or two and add them to my collection.

The scoop sizes I own and use often are these: the large is a #20 scoop, the medium is a #40 scoop and the small is a #70 scoop, which I use for several desserts. The size refers to the number of scoops obtained from 1 quart (#20 = 20 scoops/quart). Each size works for different types of desserts, but the one thing they all have in common is that I can be sure that each dessert is equal in size and weight.

For those of you that may not think these are anything special and that a spoon or measuring cup could do the same thing, these scoops also have a spring release, so each cookie or cupcake batter is released all at once and you don't have to scrape the extras out--which really saves time if you are making a lot of desserts.

If you don't have one of these, but are thinking about getting one, I'd start with the #40 scoop--it works great for cookies and regular size cupcakes. If you already have one, I'd love to hear why you like it and what food preparations you use it for.