Welcome to the Jillicious Kitchen

I really like my work space. No, let me say how I really mean it--I LOVE my work space. Since moving back home to Oregon and starting Jillicious Desserts, I am so glad to have such a great kitchen to work in. Yes, I work out of my domestic licensed home kitchen and for me it even rivals the professional kitchens that I've worked in.

I haven't always been in a kitchen with lots of space. In fact, when I lived in Palo Alto, California, I could literally stand in one spot in the kitchen and reach most all the cupboards, the sink, the stove and the refrigerator. Here's a picture of this very kitchen where I made my first official Jillicious Desserts several years ago.

Jillicious Desserts Kitchen Beginnings:
(Very small, only one-person-in-the-kitchen-at-a-time, kind of space)

The stove was smaller than a regular one and I could actually see the top of the refrigerator without standing on a stool (I'm only 5' 2") so yes, it was a short and very small refrigerator. It was very difficult to make more than a couple dozen cookies or even a cake, because my counters would be filled with only a few items and I would have to keep my refrigerator close to empty, if I had any orders that needed to be kept in there.

The Jillicious Desserts kitchen today:

This is where I spend the majority of my time for business and even after hours. Even on the busiest of days, I really love being a pastry chef. Every dessert is baked fresh to order and it all happens right here in the Jillicious Desserts kitchen. If you want to come and see it in person, when you come to pick up your dessert order, give me a call and I'll schedule you in.